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                The Faculty of Thomas College would like to recognize the invaluable contributions of Ms. Colleen Burnham to the educational mission of Thomas College. Thomas College prides itself on the use of technology to engage students of the millennial generation. Ms. Burnham has played a pivotal role in the introduction and implementation of emerging technologies in the classroom. Through structured training seminars and one-on-one instruction, Ms. Burnham has helped faculty achieve competence with software ranging from BlackBoard and Moodle to Microsoft Office 2007 and Vista. Ms. Burnham has taken a proactive approach in identifying and addressing potential user issues and, in doing so, has allowed faculty to focus on course substance rather than spend countless hours struggling with technology issues.

                Through her diligent efforts, Ms. Burnham has helped to create well-functioning mediated classrooms. From installation of digital video projectors and audio systems to the organization of computer terminals, audio amplifiers and DVD players, Ms. Burnham and her colleagues have greatly enhanced the physical learning environment. As faculty we recognize the importance of classroom infrastructure to the achievement of our educational mission and we truly appreciate the efforts of Ms. Burnham in maintaining the integrity of this infrastructure. We as educators are more effective in our mission because Ms. Burnham is so effective in her efforts.

                As the Thomas College Information Resource Specialist, Ms. Burnham has been instrumental in dealing with the issue of information literacy, offering classroom presentations, creating subject guides, aiding in the development of an information literacy guidebook, and spearheading the effort to assess information literacy via the SAILs assessment. In her efforts, Ms. Burnham has worked closely with faculty, library staff and administration to help us address this issue of concern repeatedly identified by NEASC.

                Ms. Burnham has also been active in service to the institution as whole. She has been a strong advocate of the use of e-portfolios, meeting regularly with the e-portfolio committee, attending professional conferences concerning e-portfolio use, and giving presentations at regional conferences.  Ms. Burnham also has served as an active member of the ad hoc Committee on Program Assessment, working with the committee members to outline a standard approach to program assessment. Ms. Burnham generously shares her experience in areas well beyond the purview of information resources. For example, Ms. Burnham made significant contributions to the design and development of the Davis Laboratory and volunteered her services in the development of a Thomas College Institutional Review Board.

                The Faculty of the Thomas College gratefully acknowledges Ms. Burnham’s willingness to go above and beyond to help us achieve the goals of the college. We wish Colleen well in her future endeavors.

Note: By a unanimous vote, the members of the Faculty Senate recommend that the above statement be included in the official minutes of the Faculty Senate meeting of October 22, 2008.

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Written by Colleen J Burnham

November 5, 2008 at 9:46 pm

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  1. Colleen – This is awesome! You are very talented and it shows! I am sure you will get a wonderful job where you are appreciated for who you are and for all you have to offer!


    November 18, 2008 at 4:24 pm

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